Bonnie Chan was the runner-up in Miss Chinese Toronto 2013. She has completed her university education and her goal in life it to be an entrepreneur. But not just any business owner, a social entrepreneur helping the less fortunate. People who join pageants, do a lot of community service and learn to love helping others and that’s exactly what Bonnie Chan did. Her talent is playing the piano, belly dancing and singing. While she was born in Canada, she is still very close with her cultural roots in China.


The second runner up was Whitney Lau and she thinks that she will continue on with the pageant industry until she brings a title home. She won the miss talent of the pageant therefore knows that one day she can win.

Other competitors were Sandra Huang who won the placement of beautiful hair then the other top competitor was Claudia Cheung who won a placement for miss friendship.

Not only did Mandy Liang get crowned Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto 2013, but she also got another placement for miss photogenic which helped her win her title in the 2013 Miss Chinese Toronto pageant.