Q: Is joining a pageant as hard as everyone says?

A: It actually is. It was a very stressful experience because you never know what to expect. there are so many more talented women than you out there but you have to really just maintain your confidence and having your friends and family support you through the pageant journey definitely helps a lot and relieves a lot of stress.

If you want your pageant experience to run smoothly hiring a pageant coach is the best thing you can do for yourself. It’s all about focusing on the win and practice. You learn a lot about yourself through the whole experience and especially at the end of it. I was really happy to have gone through it.


Q: How did you win your first pageant?

A: A lot of practice and time management. Hiring a pageant coach probably raised my chances of winning by 60%. It serious helps and I would highly recommend it. It isn’t easy to say how I won because there are so many factors like doing something for your community, fashion, your personality and your talent.


Q: Were you expecting to be crowned Miss Chinese Toronto 2013?

A: No I was not. I was a little surprised and shocked at the beginning but I worked so hard for that title and was extremely proud of myself for gaining it. It takes serious commitment to yourself and your coach when you sign up for a pageant, I’m just glad I can say I have once won the Miss Chinese Toronto 2013 pageant.


Q: What do you like about doing pageants? 

A: My favourite thing about pageants are the amazing friends I made along the way. I have met some great girls. We supported each other during the pageants and I consider them like my sisters.