Mandy Liang is currently an investment advisor in Toronto at TD Bank. She is known as Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto due to the fact that she has won the Miss Chinese Toronto pageant in 2013.

Now that the 2013 pageant is over, the 2014 Miss Chinese International contestants met for the first time mid-January for the press. They were all wearing the same raspberry color dresses. The competition will was held a week after the first meeting with the press. Some contestants are being criticized for being too plain-looking and some others are being complimented for their looks by being tall. Previous contestants like Wendy Shu and Mandy Liang are known for their voluptuous figures and have done well in the pageant.

Even though some contestants are being criticized for not having the best looks among the other contestants, they say they will work hard towards other aspects of the competition. Some early favorites in the contest are Grace Chan and Bonnie Hu.

When Mandy was participating in the pageant, she started to do some charity work. She loved it so much that she still makes sure to make time to help out her community as much as she can. When you are in a pageant, there are so many deciding factors that allow you to win and the judges and pageant organization is very big on contributing to your community. Mandy Liang has learned a lot from her pageant experience and one of the is to contribute to your community or any charity as much as you can. Not only does it show that you care about different charities and organizations, and helping people, it also makes you feel good about your contribution at the end of the day.

It is very rewarding to know that all the hard work you have done really pays off at the end. It payed off by Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto growing as a person and learning a lot about herself. When you undergo stressful competitions like the Miss Chinese Toronto pageant, it really opens your eyes as to what is really important in life and what you want to spend your time doing. Mandy Liang has retired from the pageant industry but she will still always be there for anyone who needs tips on how to be successful with a pageant. Helping people and not always thinking about yourself is rewarding and it is something that Mandy Liang will never stop doing.

The pageant industry is something that is very difficult to go through but after you do it, Mandy Liang explains that it is very rewarding and especially having individuals look up to you and asking you to be their mentor. This is probably Mandy Liang’s favourite part of being known as Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto. She likes the subtle fame from people who


5 Beauty Pageant Tips from Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto

Have you ever dreamed of participating in a beauty pageant? When Mandy Liang was little girl, she always hoped to take part in beauty pageants. After a lot of hard work and dedication she achieved her goal. In 2013, Mandy Liang was crowned Miss Chinese Toronto. She learned so much in her beauty pageant days and will be sharing her best tips to any girl hoping to take part in the beauty pageant experience.

Practice makes perfect

Taking part in beauty pageant takes a whole lot of practice. Whether it’s practicing your skill, practicing answering questions or practicing your walk. Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto recommends hiring a coach to take yourself to the next level in beauty pageants. Coaches have experience in the world of pageants and know what the judges are looking for. They can help you refine your skills and be the best contestant you can be. You have to be willing to put in a lot of your time into practice.

Confidence is key

Being confident in everything you do will make you memorable and make you shine as a contestant. Even if you make a mistake, keep smiling. If you are a shy or nervous person, Mandy Liang recommends putting even more time into practicing and preparation. That way you will feel more confident in what you are doing even under pressure.


Beauty pageants aren’t something to dive into with no thought. The first step is taking a look at pageants in your area. First you can observe a pageant to see what is required and then you can sign yourself up. These are the perfect opportunity to start small and work your way up. Participating in a local pageant will show you what to expect and give you experience.


Pageants are challenging and require self-discipline. Beauty pageants helped Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto push herself on having a healthier lifestyle. She wanted to be in the best possible shape physically and mentally before participating in beauty pageants. This means getting enough sleep, eating properly, exercising and knowing how to relieve your stress. Her favourite way to feel better in a stressful situation is to focus on her breathing. Find out what stress-relief method is best for you, because there’s a high chance you will feel stress at some point during beauty pageants.

Have fun

It might sound cheesy, but just have fun with it. Pageants aren’t all about winning. For Mandy Liang, pageants are about the experience, the people you met and taking part in her community. Enjoy your pageant experience and treasure the people you meet along the way. She made amazing friends in her pageants days.